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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A rain drop of water

Hello !!
Here I am going to share my fancy dress competition's costume. Did you know this ? Well, here I am a "Rain drop of water".... 

Do you want to know my lines which I spoke on stage ? Just see below....

"I, a Rain drop of water, 
out of the cloud, 
coming to you, 
down to the earth. 
Please hold me in your hand, 
save me for your good 
and please... please 
store me for the future. 
I am very small but a very precious part of this nature."

  Please tell me how was this idea... did you liked it ?


  1. Dear Shashwat
    your poem is wonderful.Keep it up .

  2. Iam seraching a fancy dress theme for my kid n i got urs.....its gud idea....thinking to follow to my kid too......God bless u

  3. beautiful costume


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