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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hello Friends!
I'm back after a looooong break!

Firstly I want to apologize for my absence on the blog so long.
I've some really exciting things to share with you!
I'll like to share my experience in SA-1 exams... which were actually really hard!... I'm not so much worried for my English, EVS and Computer marks but Mummy might be angry with my Hindi & Maths marks.

एक दुःख की बात ये है कि यहाँ टाउनशिप में मेरे दोस्तों की संख्या बहुत कम हो गयी है.… कई दोस्तों के पापा का ट्रांसफर हो गया और वो यहाँ से चले गए.…  so that these days I don't have many options to play, hangout and to enjoy with some one... either I've to choose small kids or senior Bhaiyas. 

I'm starting to write a new story called "TEAM TITAN". When I'm finished writing it I'll definitely post it's summary because as my Mummy says that I always used to write very long stories which might be boring to post on the blog. I have already written many more stories if you prefer to read it, I'll surely post it in my coming posts.   

मेरे पास और भी बहुत कुछ है आपके साथ शेयर करने के लिए.… लेकिन एक ही दिन में क्या-क्या शेयर करूँ ये मैं समझ नहीं पा रहा हूँ.… इसलिए आज की बातें यहीं समाप्त करता हूँ.… कल और भी बहुत सी बातें आपके साथ शेयर करूँगा... तब तक के लिए.… have a good day.              

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